Who We Are & What We Do...

Unisons established in 2000, has been carrying on successfully its trade activity for over one decade. Thanks to its research activity and selection of reliable and qualified producers: a perfect partner in service of industry. The huge inventory of its products widely satisfy all the markets needs in various market / industrial sectors; just one supplier to satisfy large and various operative and productive demands. Our wide range of trustworthy manufacturer across the globe offers thousands of industrial products belonging to leading firms which assure functionality and reliability in relation to their price. Our marketing / sales department is completely computerized so that we can assure early and personalized replies to our customers. A computerized database of inventory assures enough supply in order to have a rapid execution of orders and delivery service. A qualified staff is in service of customers: Our staff is composed of highly qualified and updated professional/ technical men. They are at our customers' disposal, ready to help them to take their choices day by day and to suggest them the most suitable products. Unisons is located in the Port Qasim Karachi industrial Zone, considered as hub of industrial activities of the country. Proximity of Port Qasim facilitate direct supervision of shipment / transportation of products. We inherit pride on providing solutions that add value and efficiencies to our customers operations. Inventory reduction, streamlined procurement systems, reduced lead times, documented cost savings and supplier partnerships are amongst our company's goals. Contact us and we'll demonstrate how Unisons can help you to achieve success.


We strive to be a high-quality, customer-driven solutions provider in the business-to-business market leveraging our broad-based capabilities. We will pursue sound financial strategies and deal with our customers, suppliers, peers, and competitors in an ethical way. We will have a motivated, dynamic, forward-thinking team that will create, reward, and support an environment fostering personal and professional growth, job fulfillment, and innovative thinking.

Keeping Pace with Technology

We live in a fast-paced business environment. As a supplier, we must be on the forefront of technology in serving our customers. We were among the first distributors to employ Technical Staff to research and suggest better quality and economical alternatives to customers. We still believe that the wise integration of technology can help us serve our customers better.