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Gear Coupling


Couplings are mechanical components that ‘couples’ two drive components which empower a movement to be exchanged starting with one component and then onto the next. Gear coupling consists of two key components: an internal gear sleeve and an external gear hub. The hub is an external gear that has longitude involute and tip sphere teeth and the sleeve has internal teeth. The two components compose a special gear pair. Gear couplings have the highest power density and offer more variations, wider size, torque, and capacity than any other coupling type. They are easily modified for shear pin service, floating shaft type, vertical applications, electrical isolation, limited end float, and can have a brake drum or disc added.


 Number EFGC-3  103, 105
 Power at 100 rpm in Kw  51.5 & 150
 Maximum Speed RPM  5200 & 3950
 Clamping Bolt Size  M13x55 & M17x68
 No. of Bolts  6 & 6
 Price  627 Euro  


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