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Wire Rope


Wire rope is a complex mechanical device that has many moving parts all working in tandem to help support and move an object or load. In the lifting and rigging industries, wire rope is attached to a crane or hoist and fitted with swivels, shackles, or hooks to attach to a load and move it in a controlled matter. It can also be used to lift and lower elevators, or as a means of support for suspension bridges or towers.

Ropes DIA =18mm, Length=178MTR 6x19w+IWR-18mm-1960, DIA =14mm, Length=70MTR(Right lay) Gt8z(8xk26sw+IWR)-1960, 6X19W+IWR-26MM-1770, LENGTH:142M, RIGHT LAY, GT8Z(8XK26SW+IWR)-14MM-1960, LENGTH:70M,LEFT LAY

Per Meter 9.30 USD


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