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Slide Gate Set 1QC
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Sprag Clutch


Sprag clutches don’t need any external control. A sprag clutch looks like a roller bearing, but instead of allowing the elements to roll freely in both directions, they lock when rolled in the opposite direction. A sprag clutch is designed for max torque capacity, therefore, the number of sprags in each clutch will depend on the torque of the clutch. s on the amount that will enable the greatest amount of torque (compared to its size and weight). The sprag clutch design is a sophisticated geometrical shape in which the engagement curve activates when a certain pitch angle gets in contact with the round mating parts.


NSO700 Backstop Clutch
ID  75mm
*OD  180mm
PCD  160mm
Bolt  10mm*8
Thickness  124mm
 Price  360 USD / Pc



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