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Wednesday, January 13, 2021
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Turning Machine

Turning Machine
Main parameters  Unit CK8450x2500mm
Max. turning diameter  mm  500
Max. turning length  mm  2500
Center height  mm  350
 Max. workpiece weight  kg  3500
Range of spindle speed  r/min  0-400
Max. Cutting force  KN  20
Max. Torque of faceplate  KN. m  10
Faceplate diameter  mm  500
Horizontal (X axis) feed speed range  mm/min  1-2000
Horizontal (X axis) rapid move speed  mm/min  2000
Main motor power  kw  30
Spindle box lubricate motor power  kw  0.75
Overall dimensions  mm  6000X2245X1400
 Price  USD 96500 FOB ShangHai