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Electric Hoist Crane


Electric hoist is a kind of special lifting equipment, which is installed on the overhead crane and gantry crane. The electric hoist has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, simple operation, and convenient use. It is used in industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses, docks, and other places.

General Specifications
 Model  TBN-02-01-S-E
 Capacity (t)  2
 Standard lifting height (m)  3
  Lifting Speed (m/min)  6.6
Lifting motor
 Power (kw)  3.0
 Rotation Speed (r/min)  1440
  Phass  3
  Voltage (V)  200/440
  Frequency  50
Operation motor
 Power (kw)  0.4
 Rotation Speed (r/min)  1440
 Operation speed (m/min)  11/21
 Phass  3
 Voltage (V)  200/440
 Frequency  50
 Chain Fails  1
 Chain Specification  ɸ10.0
 Test Load (t)  2.5
 I-beam (m)  82-178
 Price  USD 1094.5/set
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