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Hydraulic Split-Double Flap Grab


Hydraulic Split Double Flap Grab comes out in the lead in terms of trench accuracy and ease of operation. Hydraulic orange peel grabs for rock handling; Mechanical single & double wire rope clamshell grabs for sand/ gravel and bulk handling. Grabs are specifically for ship loading and unloading.

 Maximum lifting weight  1.5 t
 Volume  0.3 m³
 Voltage  420V 50Hz 3Phase
 Bulk Density  1~2.0 t/m³
 Rated Load  ~0.6 t
 Motor Power  4KW,420V, 50Hz
 Operating Oil Pressure  150 bar, Crane
 Crane Capacity  20 ton
 Open Time  ~11 s
 Close Time  ~8 s
 Price  10956 USD


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