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Cross Shaft(cross Assemble)
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Encoder Pulse Generator
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Industrial AC


Industrial AC (air conditioners) are specifically for harsh and severe conditions, whether intended for hazardous-duty, corrosive, or simply very dusty, dirty, and demanding environments. As a result, all units have several features to make them more reliable and durable than light-industrial and commercial-grade air conditioning units in dusty, hazardous, corrosive, humid, hot, cold, and other difficult, extreme environments.


General Specifications
 Model  B-6R
 Cooling capacity  6000W
 Heating capacity  4000W,Input power
 Refrigeration  2950W
 Heating  4330W
 power supply  380V 50HZ,3PAHSE
 Indoor unit  605x360x1300mm
 outdoor unit  1030x530x845mm
 Price  4083 USD


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