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Conductive ARM of LRF
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Slipring Motors and Resistance Box


Slipring referred to as rotary electrical joints, electric swivels, and collector rings are devices that can transmit power, electrical signals, or data between a stationary component and a rotating component. The design of a slip ring will depend on its application in transmitting data, for example, requires a slip ring with higher bandwidth and better EMI (electromagnetic interference) mitigation than one that transmits power but the basic components are a rotating ring and stationary brushes. The Resistance Box For Slip Ring Motor is used for heavy-duty requirements of controlling the current in the circuit for various applications. Slip rings are used in virtually any application that includes a rotating base or platform, from industrial equipment such as index tables, winders, and automated welders, to wind turbines, medical imaging machines (CT, MRI), and even amusement park rides that have a turntable-style operation. Although the traditional application for slip rings was to transmit power, they can also transmit analog and digital signals from devices such as temperature sensors or strain gauges, and even data via Ethernet or other bus networks.

Specifications :
YZR355M-8 110KW, 750RPM, 440V , IMB3 IP54 IC411 F
S3-40% slip ring motor and Resistance Box for the crane.

USD 14343


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