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Hydraulic Split-Double Flap Grab
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Hydraulic Fitting Air Suspension Machine
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Billet Induction Heater


Billet Induction heater: Induction heating is a technique for bonding, hardening, and softening metals and other conductive materials. Induction heating provides an appealing mix of speed, consistency, and control for many modern production processes. A portion that has been previously heated to a temperature where its resistance to deformation is poor is used in the forging and shaping process. Suitable for complete or partial heating of modest lengths. Heat exchanger monitoring in real-time. The control and monitoring systems are basic and straightforward, allowing the operator to effectively and efficiently run the machine. Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as warm and hot forging. After the material has been heated, the forming procedure is carried out using various machinery such as mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, hammers, ring rolling, etc. Advantages of Billet Induction heater like low electrical consumption and increased productivity

 Power  1.6mw
 2 Coils  each 800kw
 Delta rise  150°C
 Production  45TPH
 Price  $ 1,233


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