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Conductive ARM of LRF


Conducting arms carry the current to the electrode and ensure its mechanical withstand. arms can be manufactured with a steel/aluminum structure. The conducting electrode arms are made of water-cooled sturdy sections. The arms build the mechanical connection between electrodes and electrode masts as well as the electrical connection between flexible cables and contact pads. The heat transfer processes and the molten metal bath kinetics of the electric arc furnace are governed by the changes in the arc length and voltage. Thus, information on the electric arc behavior with respect to the voltage is important for accurate computation of the furnace processes and adjustment of the industrial furnace parameters.


Transformer  18000KVA
Secondary current  24935A
Secondary voltage  510-426-300V
Allowable pass current  4.5A/mm2
Clamping force  14.5T
Stroke of clamp cylinder  65mm
Electrode diameter  350mm
Pitch cycle diameter  620mm
 Price 170500 USD



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