Sunday, January 10, 2021
Ramming Mass
Sunday, January 10, 2021
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Neutral Lining


Neutral lining for induction furnace. Its mass is used for induction furnace lining with longer service life. It is widely used for reducing the cracks in the furnaces caused due to over-heating. Neutral ramming mass has a series of advantages such as erosion resistance, strong stability, non-cracking, strong operability, and high fire resistance. Neutral Lining for Induction Furnace is able to. its mass is able to resist penetration & protrusion of cracks & pores into the refraction lining, thus providing safety from penetration of molten steel towards the heat-sensitive crucible & neutral lining for induction furnace also ensures easy removal while replacing the lining. With a specific ability of sintering only on the surface, that is in contact with the molten steel.


AL2O3  > 88
 MGO  > 8 – 10
 Cr2O3  > 1.5
 BD   >3.1 G/ CM3
 Size  0 – 6 mm
main material  corundum base
 Life  80 Heats
 Working Life  90 to 120 in ideal operational condition
 Price  USD 1560/MT CFR Basis


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