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The Whytheat castables are offered in two grades, which are A & K, and also contain highly pure and high alumina refractory binder CAL-AL-75. These are exceptional quality castables with 90% alumina content with very low silica and iron content. These castables are safely packed in HDPE packaging of 50kgs and have a shelf life of nearly 6 to 9 months under ideal storage conditions. The iron and steel industry for lining blast furnaces and for skew backs, ports, and roof lining of arc-melting furnaces
1. High Service temperature 2. High density 3. Low infiltration of gas/slag 4. Excellent Patching characteristic.


Whytheat  A
Alumina  85%
Calcium  2 to 3 %
Cr  1% 
Silica  3 to 4 %
 Price  1370 USD/MT 



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