Forged Steel Roll
Forged Steel Roll
Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Back Up Roll

The back up roll is a roll that supports the work roll and is the largest and heaviest roll used in rolling mills. The roll can support intermediate roll for the purpose of avoiding deflection of the work roll and affect on the yield and quality of the plate and strip rolling mill. The quality characteristics of the backup roll are high surface hardness, good hardness uniformity and the deep hardened layer of roll body, good strength and toughness of roll neck and roll body

Chemical Composition
Material  70Cr3Mo
 C  0.65 – 0.75
 Si  0.20 -0.45
Mn  0.20 – 0.50
 Cr  2.80 – 3.20
 Ni  0.10 – 0.30
 Mo  0.20 – 0.50
 V  0.05 – 0.10
 P  ≤0.02
 S  ≤0.015
 Price  USD 79513.5 per roll
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