Ac motor (30 KW)
Wednesday, October 13, 2021
Slip Ring Motors 15808 in Toledo, OH, USA
Friday, October 15, 2021
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These are rolls that have properties that are in between the high-speed tool steel materials and the conventional materials such as cast iron materials (ductile cast iron) and cast steel materials (adamite). These are rolls with material characteristics that appear to contradict each other, such as thermal crack resistance, toughness, wear resistance, and surface roughness resistance, making it capable of responding to a variety of quality requirements as raw material and through the entire process leading up to the finishing stand.

Chemical Composition
 ITEM  1
 Material  SHDI
 Hardness  50-55
 C  3.0/3.5
 Si  1.3/1.8
 Mn  0.5/1.0
 Cr  0.4/0.9
 Ni  1.5/2.0
 Mo  0.2/0.6
 Price  USD 4714 / Pc 
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