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Tungsten Carbide (TC Ring)


Tungsten carbide (TC Ring) is a well-known metal compound and is often referred to as hard metal due to its very high hardness in relation to other metals. Tungsten carbide (TC Ring) has a hardness value of 1600 HV whereas mild steel is in the region of 160 HV factors which is ten times lower than tungsten carbide. Even though tungsten carbide is known as hard metal, it is actually a composite material with hard particles of tungsten carbide embedded in a softer matrix of metallic cobalt. The chemical formula of tungsten carbide is WC. Tungsten carbide has a wide range of applications across many industrial sectors, especially in metal machining, metal forming tools, oil industry, mining and cutting tips for saw blades, etc. Tungsten carbide roll rings are made up of tungsten carbide and cobalt well known for their high hardness and wear resistance.

 Size ø340X230X150mm 
 Material Grade  VGR60 
 Hardness   79-81 HRA 
 Dia  340 mm and Barrel 
 Length  110mm 
 Unit Weight  68.681 Kg 
Roll  Each roll has 2 TC rings, 3 grooves 
 Price  5965 USD



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