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Universal Testing Machine


Article 1:     Description of goods

The seller undertakes to supply the Buyer the following goods:







1) WAW2000D Computerized Electro-Hydraulic Servo 1
  Universal Testing Machine 1 Class, (includes following)  
    Standard Accessories:  


Load Frame Four supporting columns and two leading screws structure.

& Load Cell 0.5 Class Accuracy

  1.2) Control cabinet 1
  1.3) Lenovo computer 1
  1.4) HP printer 1
  1.5) Control DSP card & software, 3 Close Loop Control 1
  1.6) Hydraulic Servo Valve 1
    Extensometer, YYU 100/25 Gauge Length 100mm, 25mm extension Beijing steel institute  


  1.7) Motor 1 set
  1.8) Oil pump



Tensile Test Grips. Round Grips, Φ15-Φ35,Φ35-Φ65                  1 set each




Tensile Test Grips: Flat Grips, 0-25


1 set each

  1.11) Compression Test Accessories: Platen size:204*204mm 1 set
  1.12) 3 Point Bending Test Accessories Span 400mm 1 set
  1.13) Load cell 1 set
  1.14) Signal Amplifier, Servo Valve Controller 1 set



Photoelectric encoder , Measurement of Displacement


1 set

  1.17) FTA (Certificate of origin) 1





Operational manual (English language)/Packing list /Software manual (English language)






Article 2:       Price


Item Model and Product Description Quantity Total Price USD
1 WAW-2000D Computerized Electro- hydraulic Universal Testing Machine 1 Set 35900

2.2.      The agreed total is understood to be CFR Karachi , Pakistan.

2.3.      Delivery time:30days after receive Original LC

2.4.      Payment term:100%LC at sight

2.5       Validity of quotation:60days


Article 3:Installation and training


If required by the buyer, the seller can offer on site installation and training. In principle, the cost for our engineer go abroad for installation and training, which include visa, round tickets, food and room, 60 USD/ per day allowance should be undertaken by the buyer.


Article 4: Warranty and after sales service


The warranty of all our testing machines is one year.

During this warranty,  it is free  to replace the spare parts(exclude man-made damage and consumable).

If the condition is serious, buyer send back the equipment to our company. But the transport charge is paid by the buyer. We offer free maintain.

Without this warranty, it only charges the cost of the spare parts. All our testing machines enjoy a long life after-sales service.


Article 5:                   Delivery terms

5.1       Port of destination: Karachi , Pakistan.

5.2       The delivery time: within 60 working days from the date the Seller received LC copy.


Article 6:                   Packing and Marking

The contract goods shall be delivered in strong sea freight, corresponding to the requirement for each particular type of goods so as to ensure safety of goods in transportation, transit, transshipment, normal handling and long storage.